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Bra Types: What are the Different Bra Types?

Here are a few of the bra styles that you might consider and the breast shapes that they’re often the best fit for. Remember, finding a great bra that makes you feel great is about a combination of factors. Of course, this includes size and shape, but it must also be something you feel looks good and gives you the confidence you need to feel empowered.


Push Up

A push up bra is a favourite of women with many different breast shapes. The ability of the bra to push the bust up towards the centre of the chest can help to create great cleavage. These bras can offer support for women with larger breasts and help give shape and cleavage for women with a smaller bust.


Plunge bras offer all the cleavage of a push up bra without any additional uplift. This means that the breasts sit lower and are pushed together to create a cleavage.


A plunge bra is ideal if you have larger breasts that sit lower or are more side set 



A balcony bra is an alternative to a full cup bra. They are often a better fit for women with smaller breasts as they are less likely to spill over, however they can gape if your breasts lack volume at the top.


Multiway bras are essential for any woman's wardrobe. They have multiple straps designed for maximum versatility.


You can switch and re-attach the straps to suit your preference, and you'll still stay in place and get full support from day to night.


When you’re buying a new bra, try and remember the following equation to help you ensure you get it right:

Measure Your Size


Work Out Your Breast Shape


Find the Right Style


A Great Fitting Bra

If you’re still unsure of what size bra you should be choosing, you can use our Bra Fitting Guide to help you measure yourself up at home and find out for yourself. You may find that your size differs slightly in different styles of bra, just make sure you’re always aware of the common fitting problems highlighted in our fitting guide and you can adjust accordingly.

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